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If you follow the Rocky movies like I did growing up, you might recognize the phrase "No easy way out." I believe it was a song from Rocky IV in which Rocky was going to have to fight Ivan Drago. The song is truly an inspiration and the lyrics say it all, "No easy way out and no shortcuts home."

This message can be very confusing to us in regards to health in Cottage Grove MN. Everywhere we look, we read and hear phrases that there is an easy way out in terms of your health. Check out some of the headlines on some men's health magazine covers:

  • "Strong and Fit, Trim the Fat in Just Days"
  • "Build a Beach Body in 10 Days"
  • "Six Pack Abs in Nine Days"
  • "11 Easy Ways to Live Longer"

Sorry ladies, but the women's health magazines weren't much better....

  • "123 Abs - The Easiest Workout We've Ever Printed"
  • "The Surprising New Way to Burn Fat Faster"
  • "Lose the Belly in Just Eight Days"

You see, if being healthy were really that easy, wouldn't more people be healthy?


You have to be careful when reading statements or hearing advice from someone about how to be healthy. Being healthy or striving to be healthy is a balancing act and requires discipline...balancing in the sense that you should look at all aspects of health, which includes physical, chemical, and emotional/mental.

The physical component looks at the structure of your body. It includes your skeletal alignment as well as your muscle tone. This is where most people discuss topics like exercise. You can always count on being adjusted properly at our chiropractic office in Cottage Grove MN.

The chemical component looks at what your body is taking in and putting out. This is where people discuss things like diet, nutrition, and toxins.

The emotional/mental component looks at things such as your mental state of well-being. The discussion here may entail things such as your support system, sleep, or even your attitude.

The discipline lies in the fact that most of us know what we should or shouldn't do in regards to health. The question is... do we put this knowledge to good use?

As far as the Rocky movies go, yes, I would agree most of them are far-fetched. The one thing they did get right is.... there is "No easy way out!" Discipline is one of the key components of achieving health.

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