Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before I began coming in for chiropractic treatment, I had constant pressure and pain, particularly in my neck and lower back, with some occasional pain in my right leg. I also had limited neck movement and trouble standing or walking for long periods of time. Usually I could only sleep 2 to 4 hours at a time and never on my back. I would use 3 pillows to prop my body up to eliminate the pressure.

At work I was usually stiff and in pain on a continuous basis. About half way through a shift, I would feel tight and exhausted but I would have to continue to work even with the pain. If I hit a pot hole while driving (even the smallest of bumps), it would wreak havoc on my back and neck. My recreational activities became very limited too, because it would not take long for my neck and back to become very tight and painfully uncomfortable. Needless to say, my life was pretty miserable all the time and I was always tired because I was not sleeping much.

It has been almost a month now since I began receiving chiropractic treatment. WOW, what a difference it has made for me. It is like night and day! I do NOT have any more limited neck movement and no more constant pain. Generally I feel good! I am able to do routine tasks without constant pain and I can sleep on my back and wake up feeling good, rested and NO PAIN!

Overall, I FEEL GOOD! I had become so used to dealing with the constant pain, I forgot how good it feels to not constantly compensate for it. Thank you very much to chiropractic care for helping me to feel so much better."

- Lee F.

"I am not sure what happened, but about a month ago I began having headaches and migraines daily, with pain in my neck and on the sides of my head. I started taking ibuprofen and aspirin just to function and that barely took the edge off the pain. As the days were going by, I became nauseated and very fatigued. I had to move much slower at work and when I got home from work all I wanted to do was go to bed. However sleep did not come easy for me either. Even with medications like extra strength migraine pain relievers I would toss and turn all night and would still have a headache when I would get up in the mornings. Nothing was helping. Needless to say, I was miserable.

Eventually I went to see my medical doctor. He wanted to put me on migraine medications, etc. to the tune of about $250. I said no way and decided to go see my chiropractor at Kiekhoefer Chiropractic.

This was the first time I received chiropractic care for headaches/migraines. WOW, what a difference it has made for me. By the time I got home that day, my headache was gone! And I haven't had a headache since!!

My symptoms are all gone. I am sleeping again at night, my energy has returned, I am able to function normally at work, and my quality of life has improved 100%. I AM FEELING LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!

I would highly recommend chiropractic for anyone with neck, spinal, and especially headache and migraine problems. Thank you Kiekhoefer Chiropractic for helping me to feel good again."

- Jeff A.

A Family Affair of Chiropractic Miracles

"I always thought the idea of using chiropractic care was good, at least when I was pregnant, because I would get my hip put back in place and it made me feel better. I would go until the baby was born and then I would stop again, thinking I didn't need to go any more. When I was pregnant with my third child I started going to Kiekhoefer Chiropractic to "get my hip fixed". This is where chiropractic care became so much more for me and my family.

Recently a friend was asking me about our chiropractic experience. It caused me to reflect back over the last 3 years and the difference it has made in our lives. When our youngest was 3 weeks old she had her first adjustment and the older 2 children had theirs a few months later. At the time I still had the mindset that it was not "hurting" anybody to go and if they liked it, why not? We have had the occasional cold here or fever there, but nothing severe and when they are sick it is mild and goes away quickly on its own. What surprised me the most was realizing that no one has been on any antibi­otics in 2 years because that has not been our story before we all began to have regular chiropractic care.

I want to share a little bit of our stories so you can see that long term chiropractic care can have miraculous benefits, and there is nothing to fear about it all, even for infants. May you be inspired too.

My Story

In 2002 when I was pregnant with our first child I began seeing a chiropractor at the urging of my OB/GYN to "fix" my hip area where I was having severe pain. It did help and I was getting relief. After the baby was born I quit going, thinking all was fine. In 2004 I was pregnant with child #2 and I returned to the same chiropractor for the same "hip fix". Once again I got relief but quit going after the baby was born, thinking all is well now. In 2009 I became pregnant with child #3 and the same hip problem came back, once again. This is when I went to Kiekhoefer Chiropractic and I got my usual "hip fix" and was feeling better. As time was going by I began to realize other benefits like better drainage during the allergy sea­son, reduced headaches, and colds not lasting as long. I was seeing there was more to chiropractic than just getting a quick hip fix during pregnancy. But the real eye opener for me was yet to come.

After the natural birth of our 3rd child I struggled to breathe right. I did not tell my doctor because I did not want to be stuck on drugs and not be able to nurse our baby. It just so happened I had a chiropractic appointment in 4 days. Dr. Glaser asked how the birth went and I said fine, but did not mention the breathing issue to him either. I actually thought I might have pneumonia and would be going to see my MD soon for help. Dr.Glaser checked out my spine and began adjusting me. He did an adjustment he had never done on my back before. Instantly I was able to take a big deep breath and breathe easily again. I was shocked and to me it was a miracle. I then told him I had been struggling to breathe since the birth and he said he could tell something was off with my lungs and breathing. Simply amazing!! I immediately began bringing my children in for adjustments too.

Most recently I found myself in the ER with the worst pain I had ever felt in my neck. The doctor took and MRI and found 2 herniated disks in my neck. One was completely compressing my spinal cord and was the cause of my pain. I took 1 muscle relaxer and went to the chiropractor asap. 10 days later I had my follow up appointment with the neck orthopedic doctor. He asked how I was doing to which I replied 90% better. He was shocked saying "it is miraculous that your body is healing itself, I was sure you needed emergency surgery." I can personally see that quality chiropractic care has taught my body to respond and heal itself. Today I am doing well and have not had any more trouble with my neck.

The Children's Stories

My children have a list a mile long of issues. My son had reflux, severe croup (which would close his airway), fluid in the ears, 2 rounds of PE tubes, and major surgery to correct the giant hole left behind by the tubes; 40% of his eardrum was gone! My oldest daughter suffered from multiple rounds of strep every winter, fluid in the ears, 1 round of PE tubes, and major surgery to correct a hole left behind by the tubes; 10% of her eardrum was gone! The baby girl had fluid in the ears, reflux, and croup. I was always so stressed out and constantly at the pedestrians office getting antibiotics for this, that, and the other. I was tired of giving the drugs and the kids were sick of taking them! This could not be healthy! The baby was about 3 weeks old when she started seeing Dr. Glaser and my son and oldest daughter were 5 & 7. The kids seemed to enjoy the adjustments and would ask to go back.

My Son's Story

My son suffered from ear issues, croup, and reflux. His croup was severe (every month for 6 months) that we always had to keep an emergency dose of prednisone (steroid) in the house and he was on prevacid (reflux med) long term (3 years). The croup episodes went on like this for 4 years. The prevacid, though it helped with the croup and reflux, caused nose bleeds and at one point his blood was not clotting properly. In the spring of 2009 I stopped his meds without talking to his doctors because I was very concerned about the side effects he was experiencing. He had a croup episode that spring. We saw the pediatrician and then I took him to Dr. Glaser for an adjustment just to see if it would help. My son has been croup free ever since! My son's ear problems started as a baby with those usual ear infections. The ENT did 2 sets of tubes and 1 major reconstructive surgery to repair a giant hole in his eardrum (40% of eardrum was gone due to PE tubes and now he has permanent hearing loss). Though he needed reconstructive surgery we combined his ENT care with the chiropractic care. The ENT said it "would not hurt" the healing process, though I knew better, I knew it would be "the bridge" that led surgery to success. Today my son's croup, reflux, and ear problems are gone.

My Oldest Daughter's Story

My oldest suffered from strep throat. She would get strep 2-3 times a year. We did the usual antibiotics from the doctor, which helped. Anna started seeing Dr. Glaser in early 2010. Her last strep throat infection was in the December 2009. I never told Dr. Glaser that Anna had a problem with strep, I never felt it necessary, it was just one of those things. So while I was reflecting on her care it dawned on me that she has not had a single strep throat infection since getting her body aligned. Her final story to share is one about a fever. A month ago she had a fever of 101.5, I did not call the doctor, instead I called the chiropractor. He did an adjustment and the next morning the fever was gone! I did not give her ANY medication, the fever was simply gone. This blew me away.

The Baby Girl's Story

The baby's story is a bit different than the other 2's stories because she has always seen a chiropractor. She was 3 weeks old when she first starting going. I have to admit, I was a bit scared to take her. They are so little and fragile, but Dr. Glaser has children and I knew he would treat my baby like his own. The baby started off having the same problems; fluid in the ear, croup, and reflux. On a couple occasions I had to take her to the pediatrician for an ear infection. The pediatrician would prescribe an antibiotic, but I never filled it. Instead I would take her to the chiropractor and have an adjustment done. Then I would have a follow up appointment with the pediatrician 2 days later and the fluid was gone and so was the infection.

The Cough Story

The last story I need to share with you is about a cough. Many of you know that kids get sick and end up with a cough. It's the kind of cough that lasts forever, but doctors do not treat because the lungs are clear. For one reason or another after getting a nasty cold this winter my kids ended up with "the cough". They were not sick anymore, but had the cough that lingers and lingers. For the first time I decided to bypass the pediatrician (and the expense doctor's bill that comes with it) and take them to the chiropractor. I did not tell anybody why I wanted them to be seen. I wanted to test Dr. Glaser and see if he could tell that their lungs were not working right. I noticed he was doing an adjustment on them that I have not seen him do before, I stood there and watched. He did "the adjustment", the same adjustment he did on me after I developed breathing problems from child birth. Both of their coughs were instantly GONE! I left that day a little surprised that an adjustment could work so well, but confident knowing that I made the right decision to go to him and skip the pediatrician.

Final Thought

If you ask me why I go it is because I know it helps. I know going will not cure all my children's' ailments or mine, but it helps to support our immune system and increase our body's ability to fight infections and heal itself. If you ask me, do the kids still see a regular doctor? Yes they do. Sometimes it is necessary, but my children have not needed an antibiotic since 2010. They are healthier than they have ever been. When they do get sick, it only seems to last a 2-3 days, and we go for an adjustment the day they get sick. We also go in for monthly adjustments which are meant to help maintain the body and keep it in tip top shape! The changes I have seen are amazing and I am so thankful for the health and wellness being provided to us."

- Julie F.

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